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Myths vs Facts When It Comes to Having a Stroke
Myths vs Facts When It Comes to Having a Stroke
30 Jan 2020

Having a stroke is becoming the most common illness, with 80% of strokes being preventable. Being able to know the signs can save a life.

However, there are many myths surrounding strokes that still leave many people susceptible to an attack. Here are the top myths about strokes. 

Strokes are not preventable

There is a common belief that strokes are not preventable, which is extremely untrue. Risk factors contributing towards a stroke are a result of high blood pressure, diabetes, and obesity. This can also be hereditary in some cases, but most of these are a result of lifestyle choices that can be adapted to reduce your chances of having a stroke.

Strokes only occur to the elderly

The common image that springs to most people’s minds when it comes to a stroke is that of a senior citizen, but young people are susceptible to having a stroke too. This is more so if a person has a long history of smoking. It is possible to recover from having a stroke, but some people who survive a stroke are left with lasting disabilities that affect their loved ones. Having life cover can ease the financial strain that comes with having a stroke. 

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Stroke has to do with your heart

A stroke occurs when there is a blood clot that prevents the blood supply from circulating as normal. The blood clot can cause the arteries that provide your brain with oxygen to be blocked or burst to result in a stroke.

Some of the cells in your brain can stop working or die, causing parts of your brain to be permanently damaged.  Knowing what symptoms to look out for such as slurred speech, half of the face drooping, or one side of your body feeling numb can help you get access to medication that can reduce the chances of a stroke happening.

Early detection and preventative steps can help reduce your risk of a stroke. Sticking to regular check-ups, eating healthy meals, and changing lifestyle habits like smoking can reduce your risk. Always remember to keep active for at least 15-30 minutes a day to improve your overall health.



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