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Health Check-Ups to Do Throughout the Year
Health Check-Ups to Do Throughout the Year
08 Oct 2019

The most valuable asset is your health. Without it, you will not be able to do many things or take care of the people you love.

Having scheduled medical check-ups throughout the year, even when you are fit and healthy, can lead to early detection of diseases like cancer and help you save money in the process. These are the regular health checks and screening tests you need to do throughout the year:


General Check-ups

Most people will default on heading to the doctors when they are feeling sick, but it's important to do it even when you are as fit as a fiddle because it can lead to early detection. If you have a family history of certain diseases or risk factors, then going for a medical health check is equally important. General check-ups you need to do throughout the year are: 


Cholesterol levels test. Having high cholesterol levels increase your chances of diabetes, cancer, heart attack or suffering a stroke. 

Blood pressure test. Knowing if you have high or low blood pressure can help you switch to a suitable diet. 

Blood sugar levels test. You will need to go for glucose testing especially if your blood pressure is above 135/80. Abnormal blood sugar levels could lead to nerve, eye, heart and kidney problems later on. 

HIV/ AIDS test. If you are sexually active, knowing your status is vital, even if you think you are safe.


For Men

Prostate Cancer test. The thought of having their rectums checked can send chills down many men’s spines, but it is possible to just get your finger pricked for blood and then screened for prostate-specific antigen (PSA). 


Testicular Cancer test. This can be done in the privacy of your home by checking each testicle for any unusual lumps. You can gently roll your testicle between your thumb and forefinger. 


Breast Cancer test. It may be a less prevalent disease that affects 1% of South African men, but it’s still important to check by feeling your breast for any lumps or discolouration in skin colour.


For Women

Cervical Cancer Screening, which is also known as a pap smear, can help detect cancerous cells in your cervix that could lead to cervical cancer. This needs to be done at least once a year.  


Mammogram. Women over the age of 40 need to do a mammogram. However, if you have a family history of breast cancer then it’s vital to consult a doctor for a test as soon as possible. 


Bone Mineral Density test. This is a test to see how strong or fragile your bones are. The more fragile your bones are, the more likely it is for you to get osteoporosis. 


You may not be able to predict your health status, but being financially prepared to handle life's curveballs that come with a change in your health is essential.  


Having a life cover to go hand in hand with your medical check-ups can help prepare you for such events by protecting you and your loved one’s financial future. 


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