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Breast Cancer: Do You Know Your Myths vs Facts?
Breast Cancer: Do You Know Your Myths vs Facts?
03 Oct 2019

Separating myth from fact when it comes to breast cancer can be lifesaving. Not only will it help people detect it earlier, but it can also lead to the right treatment for them.

Breast cancer might be one of the well-known cancers, there are still misconceptions that can leave some people confused Here are some of the key facts you need to know when it comes to breast cancer.


Anyone can get breast cancer

The myth is that it can only happen to women who have a family history of breast cancer, but this can happen to anyone. According to the National Cancer Registry of 2014, 1 in 27 women in South Africa are at risk of getting breast cancer. There are two different types of breast examinations you can do to check for any warning signs and symptoms:

Clinical examinations can be done by anyone and should be done frequently at a clinic or at home by checking for any of the warning signs and symptoms. 

A mammogram test which is usually done by women over 40. It is vital to go for a mammogram test once a year. 


There are warning signs if you have breast cancer

Your breasts tell a story. Giving them the attention they deserve can help you detect if you could have breast cancer. Some of the warning signs and symptoms, are not always painful or a lump in your breast or armpit, instead it could be:

An unusual increase in size of one breast

A dimple developing in your breast or the nipple retracting

A change in the skin around the nipple or a discharge

Scaly skin developing on the breast

Enlargement of the glands

Breast examinations should be carried out as soon as your breast are fully developed as it can develop in young people.


Men can also get breast cancer 

Breast cancer predominantly affects women, but it is possible for men to get it too. The reason behind this is that they have an armpit, nipples, breast and muscle tissue like women. It is equally important that men carry out a self-examination on themselves to look for any changes in their breast.


Antiperspirant and deodorants do not cause breast cancer 

Things such as deodorants, antiperspirants, and cell phones being the cause of breast cancer have not been scientifically proved to change the breast tissue. Therefore, the chances are slim for these being the cause of breast cancer in a person as there are many triggers that can cause it.


Not all breast cancers are the same

A mammogram can help detect if you have breast cancer, but this could mean that it could have been in your body for at least 6 - 10 years. The disease can differ from person to person; some people will find a lump, while others might not, it can vary by size, and it can be spread throughout the breast and chest area for some (depending on the stage of the cancer).

You can get access to free breast cancer screening from PinkDrive or at a doctor to help detect the disease. Remember that “Early Detection Will Help Prolong Life!”



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