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Keeping Track of Your Fitness over The Festive Season
Keeping Track of Your Fitness over The Festive Season
21 Dec 2020

Sticking to your fitness schedule over the festive season is challenging when you are surrounded by temptations and family commitments that make it harder to get a good session in.

You will have to fight your way past high-calorie foods that could wreak havoc on your efforts, but there is no need to die trying. Here are practical tips to help you get your sessions and track your eating without missing out.


Schedule short morning Sessions

It's easy to let the day slip through your fingers over festive season with all that is going on. There are family lunches, trips to the beach, visits, preparing the house and younger relatives who demand your attention. The best time to have a good session is in the morning while everyone is still asleep or before you kick-off the scheduled events of the day. Remember to work with a realistic time frame by doing workouts that match the time.


Stay hydrated

While it may seem that sugary drinks and alcoholic drinks are in abundance during this time, it is important to stay hydrated. Drinking the required amount of liquids can help keep you hydrated and regulate your appetite. Remember that fizzy drinks and alcohol have a high-calorie count which can contribute to weight gain.


Spread your meals throughout the day

There will be food on offer everywhere which will make tracking your healthy food intake tricky, but it is possible. Track your food by breaking it into small portions throughout the day that includes your protein, fruit and vegetable intake. Avoid temptation by eating fruits or trail mix as a snack before you leave the house topped off with water.


Don’t skip breakfast

December is a busy time for many, which means we are most likely going to grab whatever is on offer to keep us going. Skipping breakfast can leave you hungry and eventually filling up on food that is not nutritious or beneficial to your fitness goal.


It's tempting to tell ourselves that this can be worked off when you work out, but in reality, it can leave you feeling sluggish. Having a good breakfast packed with the necessary fibre and fruit will keep you fuller for longer and also help you maintain your energy levels. Remember to take rest days and listen to your body.

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