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7 Tips to Stay on Top of Your Summer Fitness
7 Tips to Stay on Top of Your Summer Fitness
04 Dec 2020

Warmer weather is here, new gym wear, and you are armed with motivation to get your summer body, but it is crucial to realise that there is no quick fix for long term results. The last thing you want is to sustain an injury or throw in the towel when things are picking up.

Here are some summer fitness hacks that can help you healthily build your way to better fitness and health.


Listen to your body

Before you embark on your fitness goals, make sure that you stay hydrated and you listen to your body. A common mistake is to do too much when you are just starting because you have a goal in mind that you want to reach. However, the aim is not how fast you can reach your goal. It is about maintaining good form and pacing yourself to get the best results over time.


Use your body weight

While gym equipment is beneficial, using your body weight can give you the same results, even if you have gained lockdown weight. Include the basic weight training exercises such as squats, push-ups and hip lifts to sculpt and tone your body.


Switch your diet

Sticking to an unhealthy diet that consists of saturated fats, excessive amounts of red meat and processed sugars can derail all the energy that you put in. The aim is not to starve yourself, but to enrich your diet with more fruits, vegetables and white meat like chicken and fish to balance your fitness regime.


Know how to breathe correctly

Your breathing can affect how well you maintain energy and form throughout each exercise. Remember to breathe in through your nose and exhale from your mouth to keep a consistent rhythm and energy. Aim to take in deep breaths that will help you burn extra calories and give you the needed burst of energy during the heavier workouts.


Squeeze in some cardio

The fun thing about cardio is that it is quick, intense and helps you sweat. Make sure that you stay hydrated while doing this as you can sweat excessively. You can choose to walk at a fast pace, run, skip or do dance exercises that are high intensity that are just as good as running.


Build towards burpees

While burpees may feel like something only people in the military should be doing, it is a convenient workout that targets every muscle group. Doing three sets of burpees can give you the cardio you need to get your heart beating at a lovely pace and will target your upper body, lower body and core strength to get wonderful results. Always remember to go at a comfortable pace.


Switch tar for sand

If you are travelling, you can make use of switching the tar surface for sand by working out on beaches. Having a gym buddy is a great motivation, especially when you are running on the beach. The sand provides a great environment that challenges each muscle group you are targeting because it requires more effort.

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