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Healthy Ways to Indulge Your Sweet Tooth
Healthy Ways to Indulge Your Sweet Tooth
05 Nov 2019

Candy is any sweet tooth person's drug, but it offers no nutritional value. Not only can it put you at risk of obesity, type 2 diabetes, and cavities, but it can also lead you to desperate acts such as eating a spoon of sugar to get your fix.

Here are five ways in which you can appease your sweet tooth without putting your health at risk.


Dried Fruit

Craving something sweet? Instead of heading over to the vending machine or munching away at candy, you can switch to dried fruit which is healthier and packs a sugary punch to appease the sweet tooth within. An added perk of dried fruits is that it's convenient and easy to carry around.


Frozen Fruit

On hot days you can opt for a cool and sweet alternative in the form of frozen fruit popsicles. Remember to choose fruits that are easy to prepare and freeze such as oranges, strawberries, pineapples, or berries blended with low-fat Greek yoghurt.


Dark chocolate

Making the switch from candy to fruits and nuts can be challenging, but it's possible. However, if you are missing the feel of smooth chocolate melting on the tip of your tongue, a healthier alternative is dark chocolate.  Dark chocolate is known for its high levels of antioxidants that help improve heart health, insulin sensitivity, and brain function. You can opt for dark chocolate variations such as dark chocolate and orange peel or dark chocolate and almond slivers to offset the bitter taste that comes with it.


Trail mix

If you are looking for something that has more texture and has a range of different flavours, trail mix is the go-to. The blend of nuts, dried fruits, and seeds are nutritional by providing fibre and protein, and offers a blend of sweet and sour to appease your sweet tooth.



Fruit smoothies are perfect for days where you want a sugar fix without putting in too much work by chewing. You can choose whichever fruit you want to blend with low-fat yoghurt and chill it for a couple of hours before enjoying.


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