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An Athletes Worst Nightmare
An Athletes Worst Nightmare
07 Aug 2019

You have finally adapted to your fitness routine which you have been hammering at for some time and finally getting to see the results of your sweat and muscle aches. The last thing you would expect is an injury.

Not only does this set you back, but if you have been preparing for a big event it can be soul-crushing. However, there are ways in which you can prevent common injuries from happening. Here are three savvy tips to get you started.

Listen to your body

The human body is amazing, especially when it comes to how far you can push it. If everything is going well, it’s a harmonious buzz. However, the moment you feel aches, sharp pain, and clicks where you don’t usually hear them then it is time to slow down. This is your body’s way of warning you. Pushing it to complete a set could be disastrous.

Some of the common injuries that people sustain are:

  • Disc problems which come from hyperextending your spine or regularly twisting your spine. The moment you feel any discomfort in this region it will be best to rest and place some ice on it. Consulting a doctor will help you know whether you will be able to continue with light exercise to strengthen your spine or to avoid completely.
  • Soft tissue injuries are when you strain a muscle or ligament due to overuse or poor conditioning. This can also occur when people try to play catch up on the workout days they have missed. Therefore, it is important to give your body rest. Always check that you are keeping good form when you are doing your workout to avoid injury.
  • Back and Neck Stingers are the painful electrical sensations that you feel spreading down an arm due to a spine or neck injury. As much as it might be tempting to brush this off and push through, it is vital to get this checked by your medical practitioner to prevent complications. In some cases, the pain could resolve itself.

It’s not just a physical injury but also a mental one

Perhaps one of the most overlooked injuries that come with being physically injured is the mental damage that comes with it. The doctors’ appointments and not being able to work out can impact your mental health. More so, if you are unable to do things for yourself. It’s normal to feel angry, sad, frustrated, or anxious. Keeping your mind focused on recovering can help ease you into rehabilitating your body back into its previous state. Following your doctor’s advice on how to proceed and doing light workouts can help improve your injury. Having a team of people as your support or supporting others can also boost your morale.

Always have a financial backup plan

Facing financial stress while juggling an injury along with recovery is something that you want to avoid at all costs. Sustaining an injury comes with a wide range of medical costs that vary according to the extent of your injury. Without being financially prepared this could result in exorbitant fees that can put a dent in your budget. Having an emergency savings account, medical aid, or fitness insurance such as MiFitLife can pay you out for the period in which you have sustained an injury or illness. This way you can focus on getting back on top of your game than to be stressing over your finances.




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