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Cost Effective Ways to Make Your Home Cozy This Winter
Cost Effective Ways to Make Your Home Cozy This Winter
11 Jun 2021

We all want to stay warm in winter without having to face a huge electricity bill at the end of it all. Keeping your home cozy and warm this winter may require you to think outside of the box to find budget-friendly ways of saving on electricity. We have five tips to get you started.

Seal your doors and windows

Doing a house check before winter arrives is ideal. Check for cracks and leaks that can bring in cold air. These are usually the culprits that can make a room feel cold and cause any heat to escape. Replace any cracked seals and close off any leaks. Leaving this can cause more problems later on which can end up costing you dearly. You can also make use of wind draft guard blockers or heavy towels to prevent cold air from entering.


Put up heavy curtains

When it comes to home decor, curtains can make or break a space. It can also impact how much heat and light can enter a space. a general rule of thumb is to have curtains that are light in material and colour for summer and opt for heavier drapery in winter.


Choose your layers carefully

Playing with textures and layers can be a budget-friendly way to make your home feel warm and cozy. The aim is to use what you have available to help you stay warm as possible. When it comes to the bedroom, aim to layer your furniture with blankets and pillows to not only make your room look inviting on those cold winter nights, but also warm. You can always add more layers as you see fit.


Cozy carpets & rugs

Placing your feet on cold hard surfaces is enough to make anyone want to stay in bed. Now is the perfect time to play around with thick carpets and rugs that have soft textures to nestle your feet into. Sticking to neutral colours can give you more room to play with your decor and also make a room seem lighter and warmer.


Investing in your ceiling

Unfortunately, there are just some things that cannot be fixed with D.I.Y-unless if you are in the profession. Investing in your ceilings can see you save on your electricity bill. A ceiling that is not properly insulated can cause your home to lose 40-51% of your home's heat. Call a professional to help you assess if your ceilings need insulating to keep your home cozy.

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