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6 Ways to Make A Statement Piece Work in Your Home
6 Ways to Make A Statement Piece Work in Your Home
24 Jun 2022

A statement piece can make or break your home decor. While unique in its appeal, it can add an element of personality within a lifeless space. Here is what you need to know.

One statement per room

Statement pieces are just that - there to make a statement. Having more than one statement piece in a space can be visually overwhelming. Instead, aim to stick to one statement piece of decor or furniture that you can centre the rest of the room around to create harmony.


Liven up minimalistic spaces

If you have ever found yourself wondering what to do with a wall that looks too bare or a space that is missing that je ne sais quoi that will tie in the whole space, you could consider introducing a statement piece. This could be in the form of bold abstract art, a hanging chandelier or furniture with bold accents to liven up a space. 


Take it to the floor

A statement piece doesn't always mean purchasing furniture, a mirror or art. It can be as simple as choosing a rug with patterns that can change the whole feel of a room. Choosing a generous scale and patterned rug in a monochromatic design or a bold graphic design that is paired with muted or calm tones can balance out a space. Don't be afraid to play with patterns and shades of colour, but always remember to keep it at a minimum to avoid overwhelming the eye.


A timeless piece

There are pros and cons that come with following home decor trends. The pro is your home looking stylish all the time, but the con comes with having to foot a hefty bill to keep you on trend. Aiming for statement pieces that are timeless means that you can style your home in many ways without having to purchase new items all the time. It also means that you can keep it for a long time, even if you decide to move house.


Look beyond the statement piece

While you are on the hunt to find the perfect statement piece to match a space, always keep the entire room in mind. How will it affect your overall design and feel of your space? Does it speak to who you are? Can it work around the various changes of style your home will undergo? Remember to keep a wholistic view of your space whenever purchasing statement pieces or decor.


Play with accents

To avoid your decor looking too matchy, explore the rule of three. When choosing a colour for a room try working around three different accents. Not only will this be visually cohesive, but it can also help you avoid having colours that clash or make a room look too busy.

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