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Giving Your Home The Luxury Experience on a Budget
Giving Your Home The Luxury Experience on a Budget
16 Jul 2021

Your home is your sanctuary, so why not make it feel like it? Finding ways to renovate your home without breaking the bank to do so is something that can be useful.

There are a few interior hacks that you can tap into that can still give your home the feel that you are aiming for without overextending yourself.


Consider your curtains

Your curtains can contribute to making or breaking the overall aesthetic of a space. Playing around with the right texture can instantly make a space feel luxurious. For example, you might want to consider putting thick curtains in your bedroom to create a cozy feeling or opt for light and airy curtains to give a room the illusion of feeling big. Length is also crucial. Always push the curtain rails towards the ceiling, instead of having them right about the window. They should be long enough to touch the floor, but they should never land as a pile.


Statement pieces

Furniture is just as crucial and since it is an item that you will be interacting with frequently, you will want to get your money's worth. It is also expensive. However, you can find a loophole in terms of pricing based on how you look. While second-hand stores are a great way to find some good statement pieces, there is also the option of waiting for sales on items you have been eyeing or finding similar ones on sale. How you decorate your furniture can also impact the feel, therefore, choose a few stand-out pieces in terms of decor. But make sure that you do not clutter your space. Less is more.


Play with your layers

Texture, texture, texture. Knowing how to layer your fabrics is a staple of luxurious homes. The beauty is that this can be done on almost any surface of your home, but make sure that you don't overdo it with layering that clashes. Play around with layering objects, fabrics and different textures in your home.


Some of the common ways to do this without breaking the bank is adding books and candles around chill areas, lush rugs to floors, throws and pillows. Choosing a colour pallet that will compliment your space is as crucial, but don't be afraid to step out with a pop of colour here and there.


Scale things appropriately

Scale of objects in your space can make your home feel cluttered. Therefore, be realistic about what will be suitable for your space. If your space is small, choosing furniture and pieces that will make your room look breathable is crucial. Light colours and a minimalistic look set with lush textures and tones can make it feel welcoming. A large space tends to require pieces that are large and flow with space but remember to never clutter a space by filling it up.


D.I.Y where you can

If you have the chops for it, D.I.Y can be the best thing you can do to stick to your budget while making the interior look amazing. You don't necessarily have to build everything from scratch, but you can find pieces that you can upgrade with a coat of paint or put together with ease from a hardware store. Just make sure that whatever you do is safely put together to avoid hurting yourself.

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