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Why Stretching is important as we WFH
Why Stretching is important as we WFH
05 Nov 2020

Working from home(WFH) means that we are spending most of our time sitting at our desks. Added to that is the less ergonomic workspace that we find ourselves in that can put a strain on our neck and backs.

Thankfully, there are a few WFH stretches that you can do to avoid these aches and pains to keep you going.


These can be done in between tasks or when you are taking a break. Remember that the point is not to sweat but to get you feeling more relaxed. Should you feel any uncomfortable or a sharp pain while stretching, you may need medical attention.


Stretching out your shoulders and back

You can stand or sit down for this one. Start by placing your hands behind your back with your fingers interlocked, facing upwards. Gently pull your arms so that your chest is pushed out. Only go as far as you can without hurting yourself. This can help stretch the upper and lower region of your back along with your shoulders. Do these a few times until you start feeling the tension easing.


Reach for the sky

The beauty of WFH stretches is that these can take a few seconds or a minute. You can do this one sitting down or standing. It's preferable to do it standing to give you the full effect of the stretch. Lift your arms above your head and reach as far as you can. You can interlock your fingers and stretch your body by leaning from side to side. Always remember to go as far as you comfortably can.


The cross-body stretch

Another stretch to help your shoulders relax is the cross-body stretch. Take your right arm and place it across your body while hooking your left arm over it. For a deeper stretch, try placing it below your elbow. Make sure that your back is straight and gently squeeze and pull your right arm towards the left. Repeat this on the other side.


Wrist and Forearm stretch

Your wrists are hard at work, which is why they also need a bit of TLC. Bend your wrists forward and back with your arms stretched out for a few seconds. Gently rotate your wrists to help ease the strain. Repeat this on the other hand.


Head turns

Turn your head slowly until you start to feel a gentle tug in your neck muscles. For a deeper stretch, tilt your head to your left and place your left hand on the side of your head. Gently pull your head towards your left shoulder. You shouldn't feel any strain or sharp pain.


The head tuck

The head tuck can be combined with the head turn but remember to do these exercises to your neck slowly and gently to avoid damaging or straining your neck muscles. Drop your head forward until it is resting onto your chest. You will feel a slight stretch across the back of your neck. Hold this for a few seconds before raising your head. Repeat this until you feel more relaxed.

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