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Balancing Working from Home and Parenting
Balancing Working from Home and Parenting
25 Jun 2020

Striking a balance between working from home and taking care of your child during the lockdown can be difficult. Knowing a few handy tips to help you navigate these uncharted waters can make it a bit easier.

While these tips may work for some parents it is important to adapt them according to your situation.

Remember to be kind to yourself

Being a parent has become a little bit more tricky with having to work from home. There are chores, work, keeping the children entertained, managing sleep time, and keeping your head above the water. It is not easy, which is why it matters that you be kind to yourself.

Avoid focusing on what you cannot control, but work towards tackling each task as it comes. Having a partner or a family member to help you during this time is a blessing. However, if you are in lockdown as a single parent setting a schedule can help ease the stress.

You will have to know your child's patterns; what time they wake up, when they are the most active, eat time, and when they start feeling tired to create a schedule that can help you spot where you can get the most work done. It will require many adjustments, but it will help you find a workable arrangement.

Keep them busy while you are busy

In an ideal world, your child will see you pecking away at your keyboard doing work and they too will whip out something to do and do it in silence. You both look up and smile at how productive you are without any distractions.

But the reality is that children have short attention spans and they often require your attention every few minutes to acknowledge their presence and effort. So how do you keep them busy? Try setting out tasks that will be engaging but will also take a while to complete, giving you time to push through some work when they are occupied. Remember to give them time to explore and play in a childproof area that does not have any sharp objects or toxic substances.

Remember to set boundaries

Without set boundaries and rules a house could descend into anarchy. During a time such as this, it is even more important to set boundaries and rules that are easy to understand so that your child will be able to follow them. This will differ based on what they age they are at but setting them can help restore order. It can let your child know what is acceptable and unacceptable behaviour and help you both develop respect for each other.  It can also give your child a sense of confidence in their surroundings. Keep in mind to always keep them simple, fair, and easy to follow.

Plan your meals in advance

Healthy meals can take time to prepare but planning your meals by cooking it in bulk and in advance can give you one less thing to worry about during the week. Remember to store them accordingly and heat them under the right temperature to avoid having your food contaminated.

You can also use the UNICEF guide that has been written by parents for parents to deal with every aspect of parenting under lockdown.

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