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Traveling Tips for Lockdown Level 1
Travelling Tips for Lockdown Level 1
02 Nov 2020

Travelling during the pandemic may be different from what we are used to. Not only will it be stressful when you are the one who has to plan the trip or drive to your destination, but you also have to stick to the lockdown rules.

Instead of having to endure road rage or find yourself wanting to cancel the whole thing, we have compiled a handy checklist to make your trip smoother.


Plan for off-peak

Planning can save you the headache of being stuck in traffic and the general hooting of people going nowhere slowly. Instead of driving your car, consider taking public transport such as a bus or a flight to skip traffic and get to your destination quicker. Keep in mind peak times and off-peak times to navigate your way with ease. Booking tickets and mapping your road in advance is always a good way to avoid the stress.


Get an assistant driver

Driving long distances with the responsibility of driving placed on your shoulders can be taxing. It can also increase the chances of fatigue which can result in an accident.


Pack what’s comfortable

Your level of comfort can make or break your stress level. If you are driving, make sure that you are dressed in appropriate clothing and stop to stretch when you need to.

Have a bag with sanitizers and extra masks kept onboard. Keeping snacks stored in the car which can also help you avoid stopping at garages that have long queue's is an option. Never forget the essentials of a neck pillow and some good tunes to help you along the way.


Try not to leave things last minute

Make your bookings in advance when it comes to flights, buses and accommodation. Leaving this till last minute will not only result in your stress levels and frustrations peaking, but it could also hurt any budget you have. Doing this in advance will give you peace of mind.


Have you checked the most important thing?

Have you checked if it is all systems go when it comes to your car? Make sure that your vehicle is serviced in advance and get anything that needs to be replaced done.

Another thing to check is if your insurance such as car insurance, home insurance and life insurance are in place so that you are protected when things take a turn.

Having a checklist is usually a handy way to ensure that nothing is left out, which in turn will give you peace of mind that you are covered on all sides.

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