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Staying Active to Break The Winter Blues
Staying Active to Break The Winter Blues
29 Jul 2021

Staying active in winter is not only an instant mood booster, but it is beneficial to your health and goals.

The truth is it can be difficult to step out of your cozy bed or home to hit the road running but delaying your fitness routine could result in you having to start all over again in summer. Here is how you can beat the winter blues this season. 


Tapping into a healthy mood enhancer

When you exercise you release the feel-good hormones known as endorphins, which can be good for your health and also beat seasonal affective disorder that tends to happen around this time of year.

Having the right tunes to get you motivated is the first step, but you can also get a good workout with some great dance classes that you can find online or at your gym.

If you are planning on sweating it at home to a dance workout, you may want to plan your workout the day before to find a video that will work for you to avoid procrastinating when it is time to get moving.


Take control of your weight

One of the drawbacks that come with stopping a workout routine is that you become a couch potato, which ultimately results in you gaining all the weight you have worked so hard to keep off. Instead of doing high-intensity workouts back to back, spread them out. Doing a HIT workout 2-3 times a week with light exercises in between can give your body time to recover and also give you space to breathe.


Gaining more energy

Ever heard of the runners high? This is because when your body releases dopamine, it gives you adrenaline and endorphins that make you feel like a champion at the end of it all, which keeps you coming back for more. Going for a light run, jog, or walk can also give you time to absorb the vitamin D that your body needs from the sun. Always remember to pace yourself and stay hydrated when doing this.



As we spend more time indoors, destressing becomes crucial for our mental health. Being stressed can also put a strain on your body. Therefore, doing relaxing exercises such as boxing, pilates or yoga can help you sweat through the stress and leave you in a better mood than when you first started. Finding healthy coping mechanisms is crucial during this time to help you and your body recover sufficiently.


Catching a good snooze

Including workouts as part of your sleep routine is a good way to unwind. It also prepares you for a good night of rest as your body forces itself to relax after the workout you did earlier on. Don't forget to stretch before the start and the end of each session to assist the recovery process so that you wake up feeling ready to face the day.

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