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Standing out from The Noise: Looking for A Job
Standing out from The Noise: Looking for A Job
11 Dec 2020

The endless applications, and rejection emails that come with job hunting, can take its toll. The question is, how do you stand out from the pile of CV's to catch a recruiter’s eye that will inevitably lead to that long-awaited yes? Here are handy tips to make your profiles stand out better.

Know your why

In the process of job hunting, you may reach a point where it seems like you are applying for every and any job the remotely fits your skills. However, doing this can sabotage your chances of finding a job at all. Knowing what type of job you want, where it is based, the type of working environment that will be suitable for you and your employee, and where it is based can give you time to tailor your CV according to the job. It will also help you see what information needs to be removed from your CV or boosted to help position yourself better.


Editing your CV to stand out

First impressions count, and there is no better way to do this than with your CV! Keep your CV format modern and minimalistic to make it easier to find key information. There are plenty of examples that can be found online. Make sure that you include the keywords that have been mentioned in the job description to increase your chances, especially in an age where companies use recruitment agencies or computers that scan through your application for these keywords.


Tap into what makes you valuable

What makes you different from the next candidate is your unique selling points, and in this instance playing shy will make you lose out on opportunities to get your foot in the door. While it may seem reductionist to take all that makes you complex and great and put them into a few lines, it can give you the leverage you need.


Focus on the things you are great at, awards, and what will make you perfect for this position. If it's a job you really love, it will be easier to sell yourself. Remember to add some of these pointers to your digital job profile on LinkedIn.


Keep up to date

Keeping the wind in your sail while job hunting is a tough act. Stay up to date with the latest in your industry and brush up on skills to sharpen your ideas of how you can improve a position. It will also show that you take initiative and can make you relatable when the interview comes. Try to connect with other people in your industry to widen your network and possibly increase your chances of finding a job through referrals.


With many industries still recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic, it is important to keep in mind that it may take time to find a job. Therefore, it is equally important to know how to protect your mental health whilst job hunting to help you keep going even when the going get's tough. 

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