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4 Tips to Protect Your Mental Health When Whilst Job Hunting
4 Tips to Protect Your Mental Health When Whilst Job Hunting
13 Jul 2020

For most of us, having a job gives structure to our lives and a sense of purpose and security. However, when you are unemployed, and you get more no's than yes's or the many emails you have sent out receive no response, it can soon take its toll on your mental health.

Not only does it impact your self-esteem, but it can also lead to depression. Taking care of your mental health while job hunting is crucial to keep you pushing through when the going gets tough. We have put a list of healthy coping mechanisms to keep you going until you receive the much-anticipated email.

Set up a schedule

Without a plan in place, each day can feel like the next. With no direction, it is easy to get lost in a negative train of thought that can push you into a space of feeling helpless and useless. Therefore, preparing a schedule of what you plan on doing in the mornings along with a job-hunting schedule can give you a sense of accomplishing something.

Have a goal of what type of job you are looking for; the area, salary and position and tailor your CV accordingly to apply for each job. Always remember not to spread yourself too thin by applying for many jobs, especially those that fall outside your experience and your interests.


It's easy for your thoughts to be caught up in a negative cycle of worrying and overthinking, especially when the bills are piling up. Remember to be kind to yourself. Slow down. Take a break by doing breathing exercises or doing an activity that keeps you calm is essential.

You can also exercise to relieve the stress that comes with job hunting or connect with a friend or loved one who can give you a safe space to vent. It is always better to keep a positive outlook on what you can do rather than focusing on things that you cannot fix. It does get better.

Take care of your health

Your health can contribute to your overall output throughout the day. It can affect your mood and concentration levels which are both crucial during the job hunting period. The last thing you want is sending out a CV or an email that is marred with mistakes and spelling errors. Make sure that you stick to a schedule where you wake up and sleep at the same time every day and stick to a healthy diet.

Keep focused on the positive things

While job hunting and not hearing from recruiters can be soul-crushing at times, it is important to find the positive things that keep you going. Focus on tasks that can help you relax and remember how amazing you are or on things that make you feel grateful. Should you be feeling anxious, depressed or simply need someone to talk to, contact the South African Depression and Anxiety Group(SADAG) on their toll-free number 0800 456 789

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