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Self-Examination for Symptoms of Breast Cancer
Self-Examination for Symptoms of Breast Cancer
11 Oct 2019

Some people assume that it can only be women who need to do a self-examination on their breasts to check for breast cancer, but the reality is that both men and women need to do this every month.

A minute of your time could save your life. Here are easy steps that you can follow when it comes to doing a self-examination at home.


Step 1

It is crucial to know your body, especially your breast. Knowing every inch of your skin can help you detect any changes as soon as possible, leading to early detection. Start by standing in front of the mirror or laying down on your bed.


Lift your arms above your head and see if there are any changes in your breast in the form of a lump, dimple, size in one breast,  or redness around your breast. Use three of your middle fingers to feel around your breast. You can do this in the figure of six around your breast to feel for any lumps.


Step 2

You can make use of gel, soap, or shower gel to help make the surface easier to glide on with your hand. Place a hand behind your head to make you comfortable. This can also help you expose the surface of the skin better. If you feel any lump, it is vital to consult with a doctor as soon as possible. 


Step 3

Another region to check is your armpit. This is one of the areas in your body that have lymph nodes, which are also known as lymph glands, help your body fight off infections. Think of them as filters that trap any bacteria or viruses that can attack the body. Swollen lymph nodes that reveal itself as a swollen lump in your armpit could be a symptom of cancer or bacterial infection. It is still vital to have this checked by a doctor.


Step 4

When examining your armpit, with your arm above your head, use your hand to move from side to side then up and down to feel for any lumps.  Remember that your breast starts from your collar bone done to the actual breast, meaning you will have to check this whole area.


Your breast should never discharge anything unless if you are a breastfeeding mother. This could be an indication that it is time for a check-up with a doctor.



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