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Protecting Your Mental Health
Protecting Your Mental Health
21 Apr 2020

Protecting your mental health during these unprecedented times is one of the things you can do to avoid a break down. With limited options when you are stuck indoors, being creative with your time is essential. Here are some tips to get you started.

Be aware of your mental state

Feeling anxious and under pressure during such times is normal. However, avoiding how you feel is one of the ways in which you could end up hurting your mental health. Stress and feelings associated with it are not an indication of you feeling weak. Instead, reflecting on what is causing you to feel like this can help you notice patterns of when these feelings are about to start. This can help you set up healthy coping mechanisms to help calm you down. Simply ignoring what you are feeling can cause problems later.

Set up a healthy coping mechanism

The aim is to take care of yourself. What works for one person may not work for another, which is why it is important to set up mechanisms that work for you. Take care of yourself by resting in the form of taking a nap, meditating or doing breathing exercises. Remember to keep a healthy diet by eating sufficient food and exercising to help you destress. Contact family members and friends to socialise. Keep in mind to take each day as it comes. Do healthy things that can help you relax, even if it means being still with no distractions.

Release your inner creative

You do not have to be an artist by profession to do something creative. There are a range of things such as journaling, drawing, creating doodles, and playing games that can help both adults and children de-stress. It can also be a great conduit to explore and express emotions. Remember to keep an environment that is supportive and will help you express yourself in a manner that will be supported.

Switch up your workout routine

For those days where you feel bored, but do not have the energy to go into an intense workout session, switching up your routine to short workouts can be useful. Keep things interesting by doing short workouts to music that motivates you but remember not to repeat the same thing the next day. Instead, choose a different workout for each session. You can introduce a dance hour to get your children involved where you dance around the house. Alternate this according to the attention span that everyone has, to avoid getting bored.

If you are able to step outside into your yard do so. Have activities that you can plan to fit the space that you have so you can alternate between indoor and outdoor activities.

Always remember to speak to your loved ones when you are not feeling ‘OK’ instead of isolating yourself which can heighten the issue that is causing you to feel this way.

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