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Planning a Funeral on a Budget
Planning a Funeral on a Budget
25 Mar 2020

Having to deal with the preparations of a funeral after losing a loved one can be stressful, especially if they did not have a funeral cover in place. Knowing how to plan a funeral on a budget can go a long way when it comes to giving them a dignified funeral without overextending yourself financially.

Here is how you can plan a funeral on a budget. 

Keep it Frugal

You do not have to have a cheap funeral, but you can have one where your loved one still gets buried in a dignified manner. Items such as a coffin, a headstone, and transportation to and from the graveyard tend to be the most important items. Finding a funeral parlour that offers all of these at an affordable rate can help you cut down on the cost of getting these separately. If possible, carpooling together to the graveyard instead of hiring transport can also help you save on costs.

Catering costs

Traditional funerals usually mean that not only will the immediate family have to cater towards the cost of housing extended family members, but they will also have to cater towards funeral attendants. This can be a difficult financial burden to bear by some families. 

Having a conversation around how big you want the funeral to be and what type of catering you would like to have is essential. Would you rather have sandwiches and finger foods served after the funeral or do you have enough wiggle room to dish out food to all the funeral attendants?

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As much as we would like to give our loved ones a proper send-off, it is also important to remember that this will be a one-day event. Being frugal around how you go about finding a venue is also essential. Knowing what you can afford by having a budget can prevent you from stepping outside of your budget and accumulating debt. You can compare your options in terms of venues or you could host the memorial at your home.

Additional costs

The additional costs such as decorations, sending out invites and adding the cost of flowers are some of the costs that people have to consider. Assessing what is needed at the time can help you cut down on expenses.

Always look at what could be borrowed in terms of decorations instead of buying brand new items. There are funeral parlours that offer packages that already cover this, but if they do not, it is always handy to compare your options before settling for the first option you come across.

Having funeral cover in place is always a good way to take reduce the stress for your loved ones when it comes to planning a funeral. At MiWayLife we offer funeral cover that is embedded into your life cover to ensure that your loved ones can take care of your funeral and continue their lives knowing that they are financially protected.



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