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How to Plan Your Next Familycation
How to Plan Your Next Familycation
02 Jul 2021

We all know that an unplanned family vacation can only give us two results- unforgettable memories or a headache. Having a good time is the whole point of going on holiday, but planning can remove the stress that nobody wants.

Here are five handy tips to help you plan for your next familycation.


Always start with a budget

Having a budget in place before you decide to pack up and hit the road is vital. See it as a safety belt that will keep you from drowning in regret when you come back from your vacation. Doing a quick google search or speaking to a travel agent if you are looking for a more elaborate trip can give you good insight on what to set aside. It will also help you keep track of your spending while on holiday. Make sure to budget for the big-ticket items such as accommodation, food, transport, entertainment and emergency expenses.


Search for destinations that fit the bill

There are plenty of things to do as family in South Africa, but searching for the right destination that matches your budget is equally important. Creating a wishlist together as a family can help you narrow down the process of what places to see and what things to do once you get there. It will also make the process of finding a place that matches your budget easier. Always remember to include a budget for things such as activities to avoid overspending. 


Be creative

The cost of food and entertainment can easily go up when on holiday, pushing many families to spend more than they intended to. Thinking outside of the box when it comes to eating and entertainment can help you save money that can be used elsewhere on the trip. Knowing how to cut back on costs when travelling with children can be especially useful.


Make sure that you bring snacks on the trip and opting to have home cooked meals now and again can help you avoid spending a lot of money at a restaurant. The only thing you need to plan when it comes to this is choosing meals that are quick to make so that you won't spend most of your holiday slaving away at the stove. 


Have a back-up plan

The reality is that things may not always go on plan while you are on holiday. Therefore, having a back-up plan in the form of financial buffers is useful. Having an emergency budget in place, home & life insurance in check can protect you and your family from unexpected expenses that can leave a dent in your budget.


Off-season may be your best season

Travelling off-season is ideal for a family that is looking for an intimate getaway where there will not be a lot of people at their holiday destination. They will also be able to cash in on half-price deals that surface during this time. Being able to go at your own pace at the fraction of a price while on holiday can be something that you will enjoy. Just make sure that you have a planned itinerary for the children to avoid complaints of being bored.

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