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How to Ditch Buyer’s Remorse This Year
How to Ditch Buyer’s Remorse This Year
27 Jan 2021

Impulse purchases may feel good at the time, however, they can come back to haunt you and your wallet later on. It can become an expensive habit that drives many people into debt.

How do you break falling into a buyer's remorse trap and make your money work for you? Here are four tips to get you started.


Thinking ahead

It all boils down to planning. While we may not be able to plan for everything right down to the last cent, having a realistic budget in place can help steer us away from impulse purchases. It will also give you enough room to find and compare affordable brands and promotions. Doing this can reduce the chances of you spending money on things that you didn't plan to get, even if the offer is too good to pass up.


Knowing your triggers

Know what triggers you into stepping outside of your budget to spend more. A good place to start is by asking yourself if you truly need what you are about to purchase. Another way is to wait until the next day to see if you still want to purchase what you saw the day before. Know what tends to trigger you and avoid such places. You can also switch to using cash when purchasing in store to avoid buying things that you won't need.


Factor in deals

Always be on the lookout for bargain deals both online and in store. According to a report by Deloitte, 47% of consumers go online to find better prices and great deals. Factoring this with your monthly budget can help you effectively cut back or plan carefully for sales that will save you money. Don't forget to compare your options.


Be honest with yourself

Your financial situation is different from the next person. It may be a juggling act of constantly having to assess your finances and cutting back before you find your sweet spot. However, always remember to be honest with yourself and those around you to avoid setting unattainable financial expectations that could leave you stressed. Avoid keeping up with the Jones’, by focusing on making what you have work for you. Seeking financial advice from a financial advisor can give you a realistic picture of how you can make your money work for you.

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