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How Realising Your Worth Can Make Life Easier
How Realising Your Worth Can Make Life Easier
01 Mar 2021

Self-worth is a crucial part of how we relate to the world around us. It shapes our behaviour and helps us determine which milestones are worth celebrating. It also influences where our attention goes and what we consider worth investing in.

It can be a costly mistake to not realise one's worth and make life much more difficult than it already is. Here are three reasons why realising your worth can make it a bit easier for you.


What is self-worth?

Defining our self-worth is at the core of who we are. It helps shape our thoughts, feelings, and behaviour, determining our worth and value which can be impacted positively or negatively. Our self-worth can affect how we treat ourselves, how we expect others to treat us, and the value we place on ourselves in the world at large.


Self-worth can help you make better decisions

Having a positive sense of self-worth can help you have a sense of security in who you are and what can be beneficial for you. It helps us stop comparing ourselves to others when we make a decision and alleviates the stress of competing with others as you know what you are about and what you deserve. It may take some self-development and self-acceptance to silence your critical inner voice.

But with positive reinforcements of how you speak to yourself and treat yourself, you can boost your self-worth. Knowing your self-worth can lead to making better personal, career and financial decisions that challenge and grow you in a positive way to make your life better.


It creates an environment of learning and patience with yourself

To know your worth is to have compassion towards yourself. Being kinder to yourself in the same way in which you would treat a friend. It may be harder for many people to be patient with themselves and to be kind when they make a mistake, but this is crucial when it comes to self-worth. You may make a bad decision from time to time, but that doesn't mean that you in your entirety are a bad person. 

However, reaching this point requires that you must be honest with yourself. Acknowledge your flaws and your pain, along with finding healthy and positive reinforcements that can help you do better.  Our self-worth challenges us to realise that we cannot pour from an empty cup.


You understand your value

What you determine as your value will shape your decisions and how you place yourself in the world. With positive values, you can drive yourself towards making better decisions in terms of your health, finances, relationships and how you choose to grow into becoming better.

However, negative values can also cause many people to place other's needs before their own to their detriment or have a negative view of how they place themselves in every aspect of their life.

Knowing your self-worth can help you understand your value. It means that you will not accept anything less than what you believe you deserve in life. It re-affirms that you are worthy and that you can make decisions that will lead you to better your life in every aspect.

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