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Having The Last Laugh When It Comes to Death
Having The Last Laugh When It Comes to Death
26 Feb 2021

While it may be hard to grapple with death in our lives, it is the one motivator that lets us value life. Research has revealed that the top three things that we fear the most about death are not knowing what lies ahead, feeling pain during the transition, and ceasing to exist.

But what if you could have one last laugh at death by planning?


Having the last laugh by planning

We may not know when we will die, but having a plan in place for such a time as this can be the final laugh you have. People do this in many ways such as; planning their own funerals, having a will in place, or taking out a life insurance policy to ensure that death does not rob their loved ones of a financial safety net.


There are other sentimental ways to have one last laugh through creating bucket lists and devouring life at every turn by living fully. But the first step in achieving this is letting go of fear and taking the first step to planning towards a life you will be proud of.


Taking care of the things you love

What we place value on determines how much of our life we are willing to dedicate to it. As H.D. Thoreau has pointed out that, "The price of anything is the amount of life you exchange for it." The same goes for taking care of the things we value the most; our life and the people we love.

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By using death as a motivator, we can plan things that will benefit us and those we love while we are living and long after we have gone. While aiming to live life to the full, make sure to have your financial safety nets in place to cushion you from the blows that life delivers. Invest in peace of mind knowing that even when you have passed on your loved ones will be taken care of because you invested in life insurance to handle their needs.

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