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How Long Can You Start Exercising After COVID-19?
How Long Can You Start Exercising After COVID-19?
02 Sep 2021

Sticking to your fitness goals is one of the health precautions that are needed to keep your immune system strong. However, for people who have been recently diagnosed with COVID-19, there are a few guidelines to follow to avoid over-taxing your body and your health.

Very important

It is crucial to consult with your doctor should you be experiencing any COVID-19 related symptoms. Should you be already diagnosed but looking to get back into any form of exercise, make sure that you get clearance from a medical professional to avoid any complications.


The effect of COVID-19 on your body

A report released by Medical doctors studying the impact of COVID-19 on the body has found that it can affect multiple body systems such as: 








There may be other aspects of the body that are impacted out of these main systems which play a crucial role when exercising. Overextending yourself when either of these systems is affected can result in complications. 


Is it good to exercise when you have COVID-19?

Whether you are experiencing mild or severe symptoms of COVID-19 it is vital to contact your doctor first. A phased return to workouts is recommended for anyone looking to get back into their exercise routine. This means sticking to a low-intensity workout and gradually building your way up. Jumping back into your normal routine can impact your body negatively and add too much strain, which can worsen your case.


Precautions to take when restarting training

Speaking to your doctor will give you a clear direction on what exercises will be best suited to your situation. Based on what symptoms you experienced or the after effect that the virus had on you, with will determine how soon you can get back into your exercise routine. For example: 


People who have been diagnosed with hematologic or blood-related symptoms may need to start with low-intensity workouts and keep their activity levels low to reduce their risk of blood clots. 


On the other hand, people who may be experiencing respiratory symptoms such as pneumonia will have to wait at least a week for the symptoms to subside before taking on any form of exercise. Even when you have returned to the floor, you will still have to pay close attention to your breathing. 


The more severe the symptoms or effects of COVID-19 on your body, the longer your body will need to recover. Take time to pace yourself and follow the guidelines that have been given to you by your doctor.

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