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Gift Ideas This Valentine's Day
Gift Ideas This Valentine's Day
10 Feb 2020

At some point, we have all received a gift from someone who cares about us, but it just wasn't what we expected it to be. So, you put on a brave face and overly thank them to cover up the disappointment you feel. But it is the thought that counts, right?

To avoid getting your significant other or someone you hold dear to your heart a gift that will have them giving you a half-hearted smile, we have put a list together of meaningful gifts that you can give them to make them feel a bit more special.


Give them an experience

A gift can say a lot, which is why we spend so much time picking one, but how do you do this without sending the wrong message or having it collect dust? 

Creating an experience is one of the ways you can leave a lasting impression on the heart and mind of your partner. Studies conducted by the San Francisco State University revealed that 72% of people preferred to get experience gifts than being gifted with material items

Experience gifts are becoming increasingly popular. It is a gift that involves going to a place where you can experience art, music, food, and travel in a new way. Furthermore, it has been scientifically proven that experience gifts help build relationships. As you can tell, this will need to be planned carefully, rather than doing it as a last-minute surprise.


Things to keep in mind when planning an experience gift is:

Plan carefully. Browse your local area for any events or shows that you and your partner will enjoy.

Don't overthink. The benefit of being with your partner means you know what they like and what will make them want to run. Keep things simple and avoid taking them to places that will make them feel uncomfortable that they forget to enjoy the experience.

Be creative. Think of adding your own personal touch to the experience to make their day special.


Something to keep

Ever wondered why we grow attached to objects that our loved one’s hand to us? Psychological studies show that objects from our loved ones can have a powerful effect on our emotional wellbeing, acting as attachment figures that provide us with a sense of comfort and security in the absence of a loved one. It also contributes to building a positive relationship.

Things to consider as a gift can be items that they can wear such as personalised robes, jewellery, sweaters or items that are aligned with their interest.


A gift that keeps giving

We may not all be able to gift our loved ones with an expensive vehicle or a business that is under their name, but there are things that you can consider that are of equal value. 

You can opt to open an investment account, surprise them with an investment portfolio of your choice that can see them reaping the benefit, or life insurance that will ensure that they are taken care of financially when you are no longer around to do so. Just keep in mind that you need to speak to a qualified financial advisor and an insurer to get the most out of your investments. 



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