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Are You Self-Partnered This Valentines Day?
Are You Self-Partnered This Valentines Day?
07 Feb 2020

If the last time you celebrated Valentines day was when you had to pay R5 to wear red and white clothes to work, we have news for you. You are not single, just self-partnered.

A new phrase that single people are using to lift the negative image of being single and dying alone with nine cats, no offence if this is your dream, but celebrating falling in love with thine own self. Here are a few things that you can do this Valentines day to celebrate being single.


For singles who are looking to mingle

Before we kick off our list of things that you can do here are a few interesting facts according to Stats SA you need to know:

There are 243 million single South Africans. So surely it wouldn’t be hard to find love, right?

Single women in Johannesburg are most likely to find a high concentration of single men in prisons, near rehab centres, mines, and industrial areas. A deal-breaker?

Single men can find their future partner at a hospital that has a high ratio of single women.

You still have the option of meeting at a place where you feel most comfortable, but if you would rather spend your day on your own celebrating the awesomeness that you are here is what you can do.


Treat yourself

While it may feel like society is dictating that you should have a partner by now and days like this emphasize this point further, there are many things to celebrate about being self-partnered.

Falling in love with who you are becoming, getting to know yourself better, or working on yourself all deserve to be celebrated. Get that outfit that makes you feel good, even if it’s your pyjamas, take yourself out, treat yourself with your favourite drink, meal or candy. You can also invite a friend over to celebrate this moment.


Make plans

Sometimes sitting within four walls can be a damp reminder, so make plans. Be it with friends, family, or taking yourself out for a walk that ends with ice-cream or whatever you are craving to munch at the time can be useful.

Hosting a movie night is also something that can help you make the most of the day. Have a series or book that you have been planning to enjoy? Now is the time to do so.


Nap away

You can also use this as an opportunity to do a bit of self-care. Slow things down by taking a nap. Doing something that makes you relax and enjoying your space is equally as important. Feeling kind of blue? Try journaling or walking to get your thoughts out to relax. Remember that the most important thing about Valentines day is to feel love, even if it’s for yourself.

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