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Beating the Festive Season Fatigue
Beating the Festive Season Fatigue
28 Dec 2020

The holiday season can take on a different meaning as we age. For some, it may be a season filled with stress and anxiety that can be an overall tiring experience. Feeling holiday fatigue is not uncommon, but how do you overcome it to ensure that you are well rested? Here is what you need to know.

Avoid spreading yourself too thin

The festive season is a season that is usually associated with family fun, feeling rested and Christmas cheer. However, for many people, this may not be the case for a range of reasons. An American study has revealed that as many as 88% of people become stressed over the holidays, with the top three stress factors being money, purchasing of presents and social engagements. 


It is important to listen to your body during this time by avoiding spreading yourself to thin. Take on a realistic amount of social engagements and whenever possible, excuse yourself if you are not feeling up to participating. Having a support system of friends and family who can help you during this time can be beneficial. 


Share the load

Trying to juggle everything on your own is the quickest road to burning out. Be realistic about the things you can and cannot do both physically and financially to ease the stress. Make a list of the important activities that need to be attended to, to make the holiday tasks manageable. Remember to take some time out to rest where you get to do nothing at all. Ask other family members or friends for help with the tasks. Don't be scared to scale back on activities and tasks if you feel fatigued.


Present purchasing stress

Stressing over the perfect gift or the perfect holiday gives many people stress and anxiety. Putting all your energy into one day or something like gifts is enough to drive anyone crazy and forget to enjoy the present moment.

Having a budget set in advance for how much you are willing to spend on presents can remove one stressful factor, but what is crucial is to savour the moment by enjoying each other’s company. Switch your focus on positive aspects of the day to overcome some of the negative things that could be going on.

Whichever way you are planning to spend your festive holiday, always make sure that you are well rested. Listen to your body and sleep at regular hours to keep you going well into the new year.

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