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7 Ways to Upskill for The Future
7 Ways to Upskill for The Future
19 Jan 2022

Learning the necessary skills to keep you ahead is becoming more crucial for an ever-changing job market. Not only does upskilling help you become better at your career, but it can also help you stand out when looking for a job. Here are seven practical ways to get you started.

Set your target

In order to become better at something, it is crucial to know what needs to be fixed. Do your research on the skills that are currently needed for your job. A quick search online through job portals can also help you gauge if your skills are still up to date with the needs of the current market. Knowing this will make it easier for you to find courses and tools that will help you improve.


Boost your skills with E-Learning

The next step is to find a platform that will help you take your skills to the next level. E-Learning is a booming platform that has been useful for people who do not have the time or funds to attend a university or college. You can choose paid or free courses that are certified online that will help equip you with the necessary skills you will need.


Broaden your qualifications

Choosing online courses that will help you get certified and are recognised can help boost your skills. It will also be a beneficial way to help with salary progression if you are looking for a raise. If possible, start a side-hustle that allows you to expand on your newly learned skill if it does not already exist in your current job.


Time management 
Balancing work and life will be crucial when upskilling. To avoid overextending yourself, set up a schedule where you give yourself time to upskill. With most courses available online, you will have the flexibility to choose a learning time that best suits you. Keep a realistic time frame and be consistent. 


Use what is available at your disposal
Upskilling doesn't always require money. The simple act of using what is at your disposal can make it convenient. Keep on trend and learn through digital platforms such as blogs, audio, and YouTube videos that have been posted by industry leaders or people that are in a space that you are trying to reach. Challenge your mind by reading e-books that are available to help sharpen your skills.


Don’t forget your soft skills
It takes more than hard skills to keep you ahead of the learning skills. Soft skills are becoming an increasing factor of what gets you hired or not. Soft skills such as communication skills, active listening, leadership skills, creative thinking and problem-solving are crucial to any job and your goal to upskill.


Take advantage of in-house development

If you are employed, don't underestimate the advantage that comes with upskilling within a company. Gain skills inside your organisation by asking your manager to take on opportunities that will allow you to sharpen your skills and stay relevant. Keep in mind not to take on more than you can do to avoid neglecting other aspects of your job.

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