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5 Tips to Help Secure The Job
5 Tips to Help Secure The Job
17 Mar 2020

It's been weeks since you sent your CV to every job post, hoping to get a single yes, but now you are starting to doubt if you will ever secure a job at all.

We understand that job hunting can be hard and a confidence bruising experience, which is why we have five tips that most people tend to overlook but are crucial to securing the job.

Boost your resume skills

Before you kick off the hunt, be honest with yourself. Know what you are good at and what you are not good at to filter out the jobs that will not be suitable for you. Take a moment to review what is on your CV and assess where you can boost your skills by learning a new one or polishing up another to position yourself better.

There are a variety of short courses that you can find online from Google and other university institutions that offer free courses to help boost your skills. Sites such as Shaw Academy, Udemy, The Open University, and Wits Edx. 

Volunteer or intern while you wait

It's all about positioning yourself. While you are still looking for someone to say yes, be mindful of what you are currently doing. If it is possible for you to volunteer or apply as an intern at a workplace that is in line with what you are applying for, it shows initiative and can boost your portfolio. It will also move you out of a space where you are waiting for a response, which can be depressing at times, to something that gives you purpose. Who knows, maybe your volunteering gig could turn into the job you need.

Establish a network

There is always the story of "I know a guy" when someone is looking for something. This is all due to networking and putting yourself out there. Tell people you are looking for a job. Building a new network of people who can recommend you can be daunting at first, but at the end of the day, it may help you get one foot in the door somewhere.

Avoid copying and pasting your CV

Sending the same CV to different companies that require slightly different skills from the next can be damaging your chances. It can also come across as you being lazy. Instead, carefully look through what is required from the position and adapt your CV accordingly in the same tone and language to highlight your amazing skills that will be suitable for the position.

Create a digital footprint

If you are not on Linkedin or any other career portal that shows that you exist your chances are very slim of getting eyeballs that recognise how great you are. While you are waiting also think of ideas of how you will improve the company or your position. Remember not to trash anyone’s efforts or post things on social media that will compromise your ability to get a job. 

Bonus tip

Job hunting can be stressful and depressing, which is why it is important to take a break now and again to unwind and shift your focus. Having a network of support such as friends and family can be beneficial during this period. Always remember to stay authentic to what you want and who you are.


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