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7 Ways to Spend Your Valentine’s Day If You Are Single
7 Ways to Spend Your Valentine’s Day If You Are Single
11 Feb 2021

Just because you are single, it does not mean that your Valentine's Day has to go to waste. Whether you are planning on celebrating yet another year of being single or looking for ways to get out of the dumps, we have a list of seven things you can do to make your day special.

Treat yourself

The bright side to being single is that you have the opportunity to treat yourself with all the things that you really want. Be it a fancy breakfast, buying yourself flowers or a gift, or a special dinner for one, make sure that you have a romantic set-up for yourself. Dress the part and get relaxed. The aim is to celebrate you!


A date with your crush

If you have the backbone to approach your crush this Valentine's Day, go for it. But for those looking to crush from the comfort of their home by watching their favourite celebrity crush, it's possible. Put on the feel-good movies of your favourite celebrity and let him/her whisk you away to a place that they only know.


Celebrate with your single friends

If the thought of spending the day alone is something that will bring back memories of an unwanted ex, or a family member nudging you and asking when you are getting someone, take some time out with your single friends to celebrate each other. Focus on all the good things that come with being single and what plans you have for the future.


Pamper yourself

Relax with a good body massage that can help you take your mind off things and also relax into a new state of being. Remember to grab your favourite meal after to top it all off.


Release some steam

For some, Valentine's Day is a day like any other. So why not continue with things that help you let off steam. Try hitting the gym, reading, or participating in a new Valentine's tradition that lets you blow off steam. The aim is to relax and feel good in the moment.


Solo weekend away

Escaping to a place that won’t constantly remind you of someone or remind you of how single you are can be an option. Even if it is booking into a hotel where you spend the weekend alone, binge-watching series, or dancing alone to some feel-good music, make sure that you are surrounded by your favourite things that make you smile.


Art therapy

Now will be the best time to start the project you have been putting off. Focus on having fun instead of creating something that is perfect. You can choose to do it with a group of friends or alone with a thirst-quenching beverage on hand.

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