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6 Things That Affect Your Career Growth
6 Things That Affect Your Career Growth
03 Jul 2020

Most of us want to make a move up when it comes to our careers. It can give us a sense of progress and achievement, but there could be things that stop you from moving to the next level. Here are six things that could be holding your career back.


Career growth is a moving target due to the changing nature of the economy that needs you to have the necessary skills to move to the next level.  Research what the position requires you to have. It can give you leverage on what course of action to take next; be it upskilling or making a career switch that will bring you closer to your goals.


As the adage goes "Your attitude determines your aptitude" which rings true when it comes to any workspace. How you feel about your work will affect the type of work you put out. It can influence your chances of being promoted. Keeping a positive attitude is what's needed to move you towards the next level. Leave the negativity at the door and focus on things that can boost your productivity at work.

Financial obligations

Career growth can be difficult when you have financial obligations hot on your heels. It is also one of the reasons why people stagnate or stay in jobs that they do not like. Things become difficult when you have people who are financially dependent on you. You may have to put in the extra work to gain access to a promotion that could move you up into a new salary bracket. Always assess the environment you are in for opportunities and work towards building the necessary skills and work ethic that will get you noticed.

Stuck in the wrong career

There may have been a time where you chose your current career because you needed a job that paid the bills, but months turned into years, and now you feel stuck. Being unhappy and stressed at your current job can affect your physical and mental health which influences the type of work you put out. Assess your situation and set a realistic goal that can make it possible for you to switch into the career that you want. Build a sizeable portfolio, upskill or study your way into the position that you have your eye on.

Your CV

Keeping tabs on the job market for the career or position you would like to be in can reveal if your CV is up to standard. It is important to keep your CV up to date and knowing how to make it stand out for recruiters. 

Lack of opportunities

Many factors can create a stumbling block for people to experience career growth. Lack of opportunities in the job sector has resulted in people aged 15-34 years making up 63% of people who are unemployed in South Africa.

A total of 6.7 million South Africans are unemployed which can make it hard to find a job in certain sectors. In light of the Coronavirus pandemic, it may make it hard for companies to make opportunities available. However, that should not stop you from applying or using the current moment to prepare for opportunities that will become available. If you are interested in working for MiWayLife, you can apply for the latest career opportunities here

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