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5 Surprising Factors That can Put You at Risk of Getting Cancer
5 Surprising Factors That can Put You at Risk of Getting Cancer
21 Oct 2020

Knowing how to separate your myths from the facts is vital. While there may be no actual cause of cancer, there are some somethings that are linked to increasing your chances of getting cancer. Here are five surprising things that can put you at a higher risk.


Smoking cigarettes has been one of the risk factors that increases a person's chances of getting cancer. Cigarette smoking has been linked to 80% to 90% of lung cancer deaths. It is the number one risk factor for lung cancer and has been linked to breast cancer. The more a person smokes cigarette’s the more their chances increase of getting cancer in any part of their body.


Drinking large volumes of alcohol

Consuming alcohol can already put you at risk. However, consuming large amounts of alcohol by binge drinking increase your chances of getting cancer. It has been linked to being the cause of seven different types of cancers. No matter what type of alcohol you consume, drinking it in large amounts frequently increases your risk. Cutting back on your drinking habits or quitting drinking alcohol altogether can reduce your risk.


Family history

There are many triggers in our bodies that are genetic that can cause you to have cancer. No matter how healthy you are, there is still the chance that cancerous cells can be passed on biologically. Breast cancer can be passed through any first-degree relatives such as your mother, grandmother or sister. In some cases where people do not have a family history, it is still possible to get cancer due to sudden genetic changes.


Lifestyle and food

We are what we eat, which is why it matters what you put in your body. A diet that consists of unhealthy foods and reduced nutrients can increase the risk of cancer. People who are overweight or exceed their BMI tend to be at a higher risk of developing a range of cancers. Therefore, switching your diet to include more nutrients in the form of fruits and vegetables and reducing your intake of red meat is important.



Stress has been linked as one of the risk factors associated with cancer. Stressed women had twice the risk of developing breast cancer compared to women who were frequently calm. Research among women with breast cancer revealed that 50% of the cancer was attributed to a traumatic life event. 


Going for a monthly check up and doing self-examinations on your breast can help catch any of the warning signs before it is too late. However, staying prepared is equally important. Having a life cover that will grow with you and protect your financial future should you be diagnosed with cancer is one click away.

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