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5 New-Born Parenting Tips
5 New-Born Parenting Tips
26 May 2020

Although it may appear that the next parent has this parenting thing waxed compared to you, the truth is, there is no handbook when it comes to parenting.

However, knowing a few tips can ease the strain that comes with being a new parent. Here are five parenting tips if you have a new born baby to get you underway. 

Bathing time

Your baby is about to go into uncharted waters of being bathed for the first time. As a mother, bathing your baby in an area that is hip level can be more comfortable, which is why using a sink for your newborn can be preferable.

You could also choose to have the baby tub on top of a surface that is hip levelled and is not slippery. Make sure to feel the water with your elbow to feel if it is the right temperature and cradle your baby’s head as you gently lower them into the water.

Sleep time

There are many reasons why a baby cries; it could be that they are hungry, need soothing, irritated or tired. Unfortunately, they cannot vocalise what it is that they need. When it comes to getting them to sleep try using a tissue and gently stroke their face which can offer them a soothing sensation.

You could also use this nifty trick that this doctor uses to calm babies that come in for a check-up. Keep in mind that not all babies will respond to this the same way, so try to use different ways of touch that is soft and soothing to comfort them.

Block out any distractions in the form of bright lights and noise by installing heavy curtains that block out the light and playing white noise to ease them into sleep.

Grooming hacks

How do you groom your bundle of joy that is fragile and seems to move a lot without accidentally hurting them? The trick is to wait until your child is asleep. A baby should never sleep on their stomach's as this could put them in danger and could even lead to cot death. With your baby sleeping facing up, it will give you access to their tiny fingers to cut away at grown nails. When it comes to their hair you can moisturize their cradle cap or their brush with a bit of coconut oil to gently comb through their hair and remove flaking skin.

Dress time hacks

Changing your child without getting an item of clothing caught on a sensitive part of their body or having poop caught in their hair is something that you will learn as time goes on. While you and your baby are still adjusting to this new relationship, making use of clothing or sleepwear that is open at the bottom can be a lifesaver. Opting for clothing that zips up can also make things go faster, just make sure to be careful when gliding the zip across their body.

Be prepared with extra’s

Having a light baby bag in which you can keep items that can make it easier for you to take care of your baby while travelling is essential. Diapers, wet wipes, a change of clothing for you and the baby. It is also possible to get bottle warmers that can keep the milk nice and warm for your baby.

Remember that there are no super parents out there that have it all figured out. Some days will feel like you are winning and other days can get chaotic. It is always important to reach out and seek professional help on what can work for your baby. You can also make use of sites such as Pampers to get the latest on how you can take care of your bundle of joy from grooming tips to their development.


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