Established in 2012, African Angels is a dynamic non-profit organisation that runs a school providing quality primary school education to some of the most economically, socially and previously disadvantaged children in South Africa. The school currently has over 130 learners enrolled from Grade R to Grade 7, all of whom are from financially disadvantaged backgrounds and many of which are orphans.

“By Grade 3, children in the poorest 60% of schools are already three years worth of learning behind their wealthier peers, by Grade 9 it escalates to 5 years" comments Founder, Louise Billet.   

“The vision of African Angels is for every child to reach their full potential, and grow into fine South African citizens, and this fits into our values as a life insurance company to help invest in the future our country by providing support for early childhood development.” Comments CEO of MiWayLife Craig Baker 

“The donation and from MiWayLife is very welcome, but more importantly is meeting people like Danny of MiWayLife who took time out of his day to visit us, talk to us and inspire the kids to be the best that they can be" says Louise.

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