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Will You Be Covered If You Get Reinfected With COVID?
Will You Be Covered If You Get Reinfected With COVID?
01 Sep 2020

As we see the lockdown restrictions being eased more people are planning to be out and about. But is it possible to be reinfected with the COVID-19 virus and will you be still be covered by your life insurer? Here is what you need to know.

Can you be reinfected with COVID-19?

There are numerous stories of people who have recovered from the COVID-19 virus being reinfected. This can be a shocking experience since the virus has proven to be fatal. However, the stories are just that-anecdotal. There has been no proven evidence that you can be reinfected with the Coronavirus. But this does not mean we are out of the woods.

We are still in a pandemic

The reality is that we are still amidst a pandemic which means that you can be infected with the virus. There have been instances where the virus appears to 'disappear' causing test results to return negative, but this could be a sign of the virus decreasing in number to the point where it becomes undetectable. Therefore, people who have the virus can infect other people unknowingly, making it even more important to follow the set guidelines against the virus.

Will you be covered by your life insurer?

This will depend on whether you are an existing client or not. For MiWayLife clients that already have an existing policy, you will be covered for any claims that are placed during this period should you pass away from COVID-19. Head of underwriting at MiWayLife, Castro Mtsutsa, points out that “It is important that the existing clients make sure that their policies are kept active by paying their monthly premiums.”

Deliberately exposing yourself to the COVID-19 by not following the set guidelines, going to crowded places without wearing a mask, or participating in risky activities that increase your chances of being infected can result in your claim being denied.

It is still possible to take out life cover, but you will be asked questions regarding your medical history, including recent medical events, to assess if you are a risk or not.

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