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Will You Be Covered If You Deliberately Infect Yourself With Coronavirus?
Will You Be Covered If You Deliberately Infect Yourself With Coronavirus?
23 Sep 2020

No one volunteers themselves to becoming infected by the COVID-19 virus, or are there? The easing to level one of lockdown doesn't necessarily mean that the pandemic is over, and ignoring the regulations that have been put in place could cause you to end up in trouble with your insurers when it comes to placing a claim.

The impact of exclusions when it comes to claims

All life insurance policies come with things that they will cover you for and things that they will not cover you for, which are also known as exclusions. You will receive a document from your insurer that breaks down in detail what these exclusions are that will cause a claim to be denied.

One of the major exclusions that come with any life insurance policies is not being covered for participating in dangerous hobbies or activities that can result in death. For example, if you participate in hazardous activities such as riots, crime or deliberately inflicting injury on yourself in any form you will not be covered.

We are still in a pandemic

We may have eased into level two of the lockdown, but this does not mean that the pandemic is over. It is vital to follow the set guidelines that have been put in place by the government officials and the World Health Organisation (WHO), to protect you and those around you. 

Deliberately putting yourself at risk

Not wearing your mask properly at all times in public can result in an arrest for putting other people’s lives at risk. Going to gatherings of more than 50 people, not sanitizing and maintaining social distancing can be seen as a means of deliberately inflicting injury upon yourself. Your insurer can cause your claim to be denied should you die from infection of the COVID-19 virus and there is ample proof that you were not sticking to the rules.

While our life cover comes with the feature of covering you for your funeral and providing your loved ones with a safety net that can provide long after you are gone, the last thing you want to do is derail your hard work by deliberately putting yourself and others at risk.

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