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Why Do We Celebrate Youth Day?
Why Do We Celebrate Youth Day?
12 Jun 2023

Everyone loves a public holiday. But what exactly are we celebrating on Youth Day and why is it an important reminder to create a financial safety net for our children?

Youth Day is celebrated on the 16th of June in South Africa. It commemorates a tragic yet important moment in our history and celebrates the bravery of the young people who took a stand against the oppressive apartheid regime in 1976. Not only does this day remind us of our hard-won struggle for freedom but it serves as a rallying cry for today’s youth to never give up as they strive towards creating a better future for all South Africans.

It Started In Soweto


It was the 16th of June in 1976, when a peaceful protest was held by black high school students in Soweto. They were demonstrating their frustration with the governments instruction to make Afrikaans, along with English, the preferred language in schools.

South Africa is a wonderfully diverse country with 11 official languages and everyone should have the right to learn in their mother tongue. Unfortunately, the protest turned into a violet one and resulted in the death of over 500 young people, including students.

A Turning Point

This terrible day ignited a wave of protest across the country and even led to the international community condemning the unjust actions of apartheid. While many things helped end the oppressive regime, the students’ struggle and the attention it received was a major contributing factor to helping to create the democratic South Africa we all enjoy today.

This is why we recognise the 16th of June and celebrate it as a holiday that remembers the past, but also encourages us to appreciate our newfound freedom while honouring the young people who fought for it.

Your Children Are The Future

As we celebrate Youth Day, let it be a reminder that our children are the future and that the power to effect major change is within their hands. If you’re a parent, you owe it to them to ensure their education is taken care of. This is why life insurance is such an invaluable tool when it comes to creating a financial safety net for our loved ones.

If you have life cover, it will pay out a lump sum to nominated beneficiaries should you pass away due to illness or accidental death. Nobody likes to think about a future where we can’t be there for our children, but it’s good to know that, with a life insurance policy, the cost of their education can be taken care of.

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