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What is Your “Money Personality?”
What is Your “Money Personality?”
24 Feb 2020

Ever wondered what personality type you have when it comes to money?

You could be someone who sees money as something that is meant to be enjoyed, saved, or invested in for those unexpected moments in life. We have compiled a list of personality types, which one are you?


Do you usually prepare for the worst-case scenario?

You probably have a set budget, and the calculator app on your phone is something that you frequently use to tally up if you are still on track or not. You have a policy in place such as life cover to protect you and your loved ones. The last thing you want to do is be caught off-guard with an enormous expense, which is why you plan and research before making any decision. Your money personality type is The Guardian.


Those who believe that money is meant to be enjoyed

If you are the 'Fun will be had, no matter the expense' type of person then you are what is known as The Baller. Any time is tea time when it comes to treating yourself and others. The only issue is that you could find yourself wondering where all your money went. While you are fun to have around, it can be hard on your finances in the long run. You could even miss out on making important investments to grow your money.


Saving is your middle name

At some point, you may have hit rock bottom, and the anxiety of not having a safety net has made you save every cent you have. You are constantly adapting your savings plan to make sure that you have all your basis covered. You know how to make your finances stretch without putting a strain on yourself is essential. You are known as The Saver.


The more I have the more respect I can command

While some may see money as the route of all evil, you see it as something that makes you feel like a boss. Heads must turn when you enter a space. If you can get two of the same thing you will, and it better be branded. Your self-esteem and pride rely on how much you have in your bank account. The only issue is that you could end up spending money to impress people or fill your home with things that you don't really need. You are known as The Star.


Money confuses you because of numbers

You don't have a plan when it comes to your money but prefer to play it by ear. A budget is something that leaves you confused, so you might as well hide from having to face your finances to find out what your financial situation is. People who are like this have The Ostrich personality. 

There are two more money personality types that have been hidden in our Instagram Story as a surprise. You might find that your personality types overlap, but what is more crucial is finding a way to handle the flaws that come with each personality to ensure that your financial future is secure.



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