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What Happens to Your Digital profiles When You Die?
What Happens to Your Digital profiles When You Die?
09 Oct 2019

Have you ever wondered what happens to your online presence on social media and other digital platforms after you die?

Death is inevitable for all of us. You may not be able to tweet, like, or post beyond the grave, but it is possible to manage your social media profiles by having a designated legacy contact. Here is what you need to know when it comes to handling your digital life when you have passed on. 


Handling your digital legacy

Social media platforms like Facebook boast a total of 2.41 billion users. An estimated 55.3 million people will pass on, but their social media profile will remain if they have not opted to have a designated legacy contact. This is someone who you trust to handle your social media profile by leaving them with passwords to your profiles to either request to have them deleted or memorialised. 


Your digital footprint plays a vital role in your legacy which can make things easier or difficult for your family once you have passed on. Platforms like Facebook have a feature known as memorialisation settings in which family and friends will be able to manage your account once you have passed on. This setting allows your loved ones to: 


Request to have your account permanently deleted upon request if they do not want people searching for you or posting on your page.

Manage tribute posts on your account, allowing them to screen who will be able to post on your page, deleting posts, or removing tags. 

Respond to new friend requests 

Update your profile picture and cover photo in memory of you.


Your privacy will be protected from your legacy contact since Facebook will only allow them to post once you have passed away and they will not be able to view your messages.


Put it in black and white

Having a will in place can guarantee that your wishes are respected after you pass on, more so if you have digital assets that need to be managed. You can list your legacy contact as your executor, that is the person who carries out what you have stated in your will, or have a professional do it. 


When drawing up your will you can include the various other digital assets you may have such as bank accounts, investments, or artworks. Remember to include the password along with the relevant information to make it easier for your loved ones.


Staying one step ahead by creating a will and having life cover in place can prevent you or your loved ones from an unnecessary headache of having someone meddle with your valuables or financial future. 


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