As a Scotswoman, do you still enjoy racing in RSA? And how long have you been here?

I have been in South Africa since I was 12 years old, and I love it. I lived in Livingston in Scotland until I was 12, then we moved to good old Vereeniging in Gauteng.

I emigrated to New Zealand for 2 years, but didn’t enjoy it, and so came back to SA. The lifestyle, friendly South Africans and good Durban weather make this place the best for me. I wouldn’t want to live or train anywhere else.

What’s your favourite Afrikaans saying?

Without using swear words, that’s a hard one ! I think it is “Dis mos lekker!”

I love the word “woedend” as it’s so descriptive!!

Is it tough being married to a top triathlete; i.e. "Iron Glen?"

No, not at all, because I know that I’m the awesome one in the marriage!

What do you like ab out the MiFitLife product?

I like that the life cover is geared for healthy/ fit people, so it completely fits in with my way of life…..and of course it’s reasonably priced.

What is your most memorable event and why?

There are two. First one would be my 1st Comrades, the spirit and atmosphere is unreal, and the fact that you just ran 90km is mind-blowing. Second would be Challenge Roth Triathlon in Germany. This is an Ironman distance triathlon with an epic number of supporters….this was definitely one of the best days of my life!

Who’s the neatest in the household?

It would most definitely be our youngest daughter Tegan, who is a neat-freak, with me close behind. Glen and Taryn don’t even count on the neatness scale!