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The Ultimate Black Friday Preparation Checklist
The Ultimate Black Friday Preparation Checklist
25 Nov 2019

Some people are making a list and they are checking it twice as they gear up towards Black Friday that will be happening on the 29th of November. With much excitement surrounding the major sales that will be going down, being prepared and having a strategy is a must.

We have put together some handy tips to help you make the most of Black Friday without hurting your budget or purchasing items you don't need.


Make a budget

Whether you are in a store or scrolling online for deals, you will soon realise that there are so many red tags screaming for your attention, it can be distracting, especially if you do not have a budget in place. According to Finder, 52% of shoppers on Black Friday ended up purchasing an item that they later regretted.

Having a budget in place can prevent you from drowning in marked down items because they are half price. Setting a realistic budget needs to happen before you go online or to the store. It can help you steer clear of things that you do not need or going over budget.

Once you hit your target, you will need to be disciplined enough to walk out the store or close the tab with your head held high and your wallet intact. After all, Black Friday is all about saving.


Run your numbers

A rookie mistake to make while hunting for a good deal is not looking at the prices of items you would like to purchase. Now that you have your list of what you want and your budget in place, the second step is to view prices and compare them. Knowing what other competitors are selling the items at will let you know if you are bagging a good deal.


Set a time

Remember that you will not be the only one on the hunt for great deals that will be happening on Black Friday. The last thing you would want is finding the item you have been eyeing out of stock or being swamped at a store.

If you are shopping online, try to wake up earlier to get in on the good deals before they disappear. If you are planning on going to a store, know what time they open and when they close. It will be better to get there while it is still early before the bulk of shoppers.


Dress appropriately

There will be long queues and the occasional speed walking as you try to out-walk the person next to you for an item you have on your list. Therefore, dress appropriately.  Anything that is light and doesn't match the colours of the employees of the store will save you a lot of drama on the day. If possible, tag team with a friend or a partner to make finding items easier.

To save you from temptation, leave home with a water bottle and having eaten a meal to avoid making impulse purchases of food you do not need.

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