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The Four Most Common Reasons For Childhood ER Visits
The Four Most Common Reasons For Childhood ER Visits
21 Apr 2017

As children explore and become more adventurous, they can push the boundaries just a little too much

Of course, this is part of growing up and you want your children to become independent and explore new possibilities, but you still can’t help but worry about their safety when they end up in a sticky situation.

Summer is a particularly busy time for the emergency room at most hospitals, and plenty of children will pass through their doors as a result of injuries and accidents, a lot of which are thankfully not too serious, but can often be prevented.

Here are the three most common reasons for childhood ER visits. Learn about them in more depth so that you can allow your kids space to grow and explore while still keeping them safe.

Sprains and broken bones

These are usually caused by falls or stumbles, whether your child trips down the stairs, falls over on the school playground, or hits the deck when they’re playing an after-school sport. Of course, not all of these can be prevented, but falls in the home can be reduced by reducing clutter and tripping hazards, and not allowing your children to run around inside but encouraging them to play active games outside where there is more space and less things to crash into!

Allergic reactions

Unfortunately, allergic reactions can be unexpected the first time they happen. Maybe your child is allergic to bee stings, certain medications or specific foods or pollens. Even once they have been diagnosed, allergy exposure is difficult to control. Because of this, allergic reactions are another common reason for ER visits. If your child has a severe reaction (which could include swelling of the face or mouth, hives and itching, difficulty breathing, vomiting or other symptoms) take them to the emergency room immediately. Even if you have an epi-pen and get the reaction under control quickly, an ER visit is still recommended.

Head injuries

Similar to sprains and broken bones, some of the most common causes of head injuries are playing sports, general clumsiness including trips and falls, and motor vehicle accidents. If your child wants to take part in a contact sport, ensure he has the proper protective gear. Also make sure that whenever you are travelling, your child is safely strapped in and is in a car seat if appropriate for his age and height.


Especially in babies, a high fever can cause parents to panic. You’re unsure of the cause and to be on the safe side, many parents will take their child to the ER. While most of the time fever is nothing serious, a general rule is that the younger the child the more careful you should be. If there are other symptoms such as coughing, shortness of breath, spots on the skin or a stiff neck then an ER visit is very important!


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