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Tasty on The Lips Healthy on The Hips (Juicer Recipes)
Tasty on The Lips Healthy on The Hips (Juicer Recipes)
01 Jul 2021

Juicing your fruit or vegetables offers a healthy alternative snack that can leave you feeling refreshed. But that doesn't mean that you have to drink a smoothie that makes you regret your decision with every gulp. Here are some tasty and healthy smoothie recipes you can try with your juicer.

The seasonal blend

Taking your juicing skills to the next level is all in the recipes you choose to blend. Getting your hands on seasonal fruits that help boost your immune system and are rich in fibre to leave you feeling full is the best way to go. Fruits such as citrus fruits, berries, pineapples, watermelons are just some of the best fruits to give you that boost of energy when you need it. The bonus - they taste good and are versatile. You can throw in some fresh herbs like mint or ginger to give it a nice bite.


Choose the right equipment

Knowing the difference between blending your fruit and juicing your fruits and vegetables with a juicing machine can get you the most out of your recipe. If you are looking to retain more fibre, then blending is the solution, while juicing gives you more concentrated amounts of nutrients and vitamins. You can get home appliances that give you the best of both worlds to perfectly blend your fruits and vegetables.


The green squeeze

If you struggle with including more greens in your diet, you can opt to blend these into a tasty mix in the morning. A tasty smoothie to try in the morning which is simple to make is the green squeeze which can be made using cucumbers, celery, and a green apple. Opting for a sweet green apple can bring a delicious flavour to the mix. Add a dash of lemon or orange for a zingy taste.


Kiwi mix

This juicing recipe is usually enjoyable in summer, but it can make for a tasty finish at the end of meals, especially breakfast. It is ideal for anyone who is looking for a tasty alternative to buying colddrinks or other drinks packed with refined sugars. You will need cucumbers, kiwi, and Thai ginger. The water will come mostly from your cucumber and blend perfectly with the kiwi for a sweet finish. You can add more kiwi's if you need more sweetness but avoid adding sugar to any of your juicing recipes.


The orange booster

Orange and carrots are one of the best combos to include when it comes to juicing. Not only does it look good, but it packs in vitamin A and C to keep you going through any season you find yourself in. Switch things up by adding either a yellow or green apple for a delicious blend.


Strawberry blend

Try a refreshing strawberry-cucumber juice mix for the go. Juicing is all about exploring what works and what doesn't while getting your nutrients in. You can play around with other fruits and vegetable combos with this drink to see what works for you.

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