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Small Affordable Renovations to Freshen Your Home
Small Affordable Renovations to Freshen Your Home
04 Jun 2021

Renovating your home on a budget doesn't require you to break down walls or spend months on a project. Sometimes a few tweaks here and there can freshen up your place into the home you want it to be.

There will be some areas in your home that will require more than just redecorating to give it the facelift it needs, so we have put together a budget-friendly way to renovate the interior of your home where you spend most of your time.


The Kitchen

Kitchens are a selling point for homes, but they are also the most expensive feature of your home to update. There are ways you can update your kitchen without breaking the bank. Start with timeless designs that will not date your kitchen. If your cabinets are still in good shape, focus on updating low-cost items such as new tap fittings, replacing doorknobs and bringing a pop of colour with your kitchenware here and there. Switch out the backsplash tiles for something that has an interesting pattern or colour.


The bedroom

The bedroom can be a great place to play with interior decoration and paint to bring it to life, but keep in mind not to go overboard by cluttering your space. Do your research on light and soft paint colours to give your bedroom the facelift it needs. Sticking to neutral house paints can be more affordable than elaborate colours. Don't be afraid to play with textures in your room but stick to complementary shades with the decor to not make it overwhelming on the eye. Look at things that you do not need and remove this to declutter and add large mirrors that can help open up the room.


The lounge

A budget-friendly renovation to add to your lounge is peel-and-stick flooring options. It gives you the option of switching up your floor without having to remove the existing floor underneath. However, if this is not your style you can always invest in lush carpets and rugs to breathe life into your lounge. Keep in mind that dark tones can make a space smaller and homely while light colours can give it an illusion that there is more room.


Upcycle where possible

Giving your home a fresh facelift requires thinking outside of the box. Always remember that you don't have to buy everything new. Choosing to upcycle is also a convenient way to save while making your home feel new. When it comes to furniture, you can choose to upcycle it by comparing affordable materials and paint to freshen it up. You will have to do some footwork in finding someone who will be able to do it for you at an affordable rate, but it could be more affordable than buying new pieces of furniture altogether. Remember to always invest in quality furniture with classic lines and finishes that can hold up for years to come and adapt to your taste.

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