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Say Hello to Marilize James
Say Hello to Marilize James
01 Jan 0001

MiFitLifer Marilize James tells us why you need a sense of humour for triathlon, and lets us know why she decided that MiFitLife is a must-have after an accident on the bike.

What do you most enjoy about triathlons?

Triathlons for me is like life...it will never be perfect but it will have perfect moments. I enjoy doing it because it challenges me to get out of my comfort zone and thats where the magic happens....after a triathlon I believe in myself more. So what I enjoy most of a triathlon is the personal challenge and the reward afterwards...makes me feel on top of the world.

What have been your major highlights/achievements in any sports?

No major highlights or achievements in any sports....normal school sport like netball tennis and athletics. Action cricket at varsity. Doing mountain biking for a couple of years already just for the fun. In 2014 I joined a training group and started training for my first Ironman 70.3 East London in 2015 and I also did Durban Ironman 70.3 that year. For me that was my major highlight in sport.

Do you like doing laundry?

I like doing laundry but hate ironing...but what a good feeling to see all your training lycra and socks on your washing line after a busy training week end!!

What stands out for you at the MiWay Ultra triathlons?

MiWay triathlons are well organised, fantastic goody bags and what impresses me a lot is the way transition is done....the same way as ironman events with transition bags etc. Ooo yes and Carel (raasbekkie) and his energetic team of miway stands out a lot...love the vibe and energy of the miway team!!

What event/s do you really like participating in?

I like the shorter events....gives me more time for T3...the beer tent

What was your hardest race ever?

My hardest race is my race against the clock every morning...to get to work on time!! Hahaha But seriously my hardest race ever was the 50miler MTB event and East London 70.3 was very tough as well on body and mind...but I found that training for this events are much harder than the actual race day...race day is the reward for all the hours of training.

What do you feel are your main strengths are in triathlons?

My main strength in triathlon is my sense of humour. 

Why did you take out MiFitLife?

I took out MiFitLife after my terrible mountain bike accident earlier this year. Anything can happen so quickly...don't ever say it will never happen to you.  I was shocked to see how expensive rehab is and all the extra medical expenses adds up so quickly.  I am back to training now with the confidence and reassurance that if anything happens again I am covered. MiFitLife is like a safety net for me. 

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