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Myths and Facts About Breast Cancer
Myths and Facts About Breast Cancer
19 Oct 2021

Knowing the difference between myths and facts when it comes to breast cancer can be lifesaving. It also means that you will be able to spot the early signs and symptoms to seek medical assistance as soon as possible to prevent the spread of the illness.

Here are five common myths about breast cancer.



Myth: I am too young to be diagnosed with breast cancer

Breast cancer can affect anyone at any age. Although it is known to commonly affect women, men can also be diagnosed. Many women under the age of 40 years old have been diagnosed with breast cancer and in a rare case, children can be affected too. Therefore, checking for signs and symptoms can lead to the illness being detected early and treated.


Myth: Men cannot be affected by breast cancer

Men can be affected by breast cancer. While 1% of all breast cancer cases globally are men, it is still a clear sign that men can be diagnosed with the illness. Going for frequent medical check-ups and doing a self-examination at home by checking for any of the signs and symptoms can lead to early detection.


Myth: I have no family history of breast cancer, so I won’t get it

Only 5-10% of breast cancers are hereditary. There are many cases where a person who has no family history of breast cancer being diagnosed. Many things play a part in getting breast cancer which range from genetic mutations to lifestyle habits. The reality is that no matter how fit, healthy, young or which race group you come from, it can affect you.


Myth: Alcohol is not linked to breast cancer

One of the factors that contribute to breast cancer are your lifestyle habits. People who consume an excess amount of alcohol, smoke and have an unhealthy diet increase their risk of getting breast cancer. If left for long, it is possible to develop other forms of illnesses such as diabetes.


Myth: Wearing a bra will give you breast cancer

There is no evidence that wearing a bra or using things such as deodorants will increase your risk of being diagnosed with the illness. Going for a frequent mammogram test along with performing a self-examination is crucial for everyone to do to reduce your risk. 

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