MiWayLife herds cattle to support childhood cancer.
MiWayLife herds cattle to support childhood cancer
08 May 2017

When people think of South Africa, the animals that generally come to mind include lions, elephants and the rest of the big five. Perhaps giraffes make an appearance in the imagination, or even baboons. Maybe the humble, workaholic donkey is thought of.

Then, of course, there is the cow, and in particular the iconic Nguni cow.

With their placid eyes and beautiful hides, Nguni cows add looks to their reputation as a hardy breed of cattle; a breed of cattle that is much sought-after for it’s ability to survive in tough conditions and to repel disease.

With a typically South African offer, you have the chance to own an Nguni herd thanks to a collaboration between MiWayLife, CHOC Childhood Cancer Foundation SA and the fundraising dynamos known as The Cows. These organisations have come together to present the cowmpetition of a lifetime - 25 Nguni cows are waiting to be won.

The Cows, which is a fundraising arm of CHOC, started out as a group of eight friends armed with bright-eyed enthusiasm on a mission to raise funds for kids with cancer after the passing of little Jessica Bain in 2008.

Now, nearly 10 years later and going strong, their determination to raise funds for CHOC is stronger than ever. For close on 40 years CHOC has stood together to support children with cancer and their families.

Childhood cancers and blood disorders affect 1 in 408 children under the age of 15. CHOC’s comprehensive programmes include psycho-social support of the family and the child through the process of diagnosis and treatment. CHOC also provides practical support that includes accommodation in CHOC houses, transport and recreational activities. CHOC focusses on keeping hope alive for all children in South Africa as they know that children are our future.

This amazing chance to win Nguni is no BS! There may never be an udder chance like this in South Africa to steak a claim to an Nguni cow.

From 1 May until 8 June you stand the chance of winning 25 Nguni cows PLUS grazing and feed for a year. We’re not mincing our words here; 25 of the toughest cows in the land could be herding your way.

“We believe that life insurance shouldn’t be a ‘one size fits all’ kind of deal,” says MiWayLife’s CEO, Craig Baker. “That’s why we’ve crafted this competition, to show that we think about life and business differently and to highlight how MiWayLife has reimagined the landscape of Life Insurance. Also, the Nguni cow is synonymous with South Africa, and we wanted to give away something that had a strong connection to the country.

“We would like our interventions to leave people better off and hopefully self-sufficient and in this case the winners of the competition will have a substantial store of value that will grow and create further wealth for them and their families. One of the MiWayLife values is that of freedom and this prize has the ability to bring substantial financial freedom to the winner.”

The land required to keep the cattle and vet bills will also be paid for, for a period of one year. The cows are worth approximately R12 000 each, which means the overall value of the prize is in excess of R300 000.

At the same time, MiWayLife will also be running a weekly cowmpetition, where a pink fibreglass cow will be placed around Johannesburg every Friday for five weeks. Clues will be fed into social media via Twitter, and whoever finds the pink cow and uploads a picture onto twitter will stand to win R1000 cash.

To enter, and to stand a chance of winning this incredibly tasty prize, all you need to do is SMS 44163 for an obligation-free quote from MiWayLife. After that, your name will be entered into the draw. Take this competition by the horns, and enter now.

After receiving the obligation-free quote, if you donate R50 towards CHOC you will get a second entry into the draw to win a herd of Nguni cows.

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