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Kruse Control - Robbie Kruse Chats to MiFitLife
Kruse Control - Robbie Kruse Chats to MiFitLife
04 Feb 2019

Radio and TV presenter, triathlete, MC, father, and MiFitLifer Robbie Kruse chats to us about family, work, tri, and everything in between.

We see there is a new addition to the Kruse family! Tell us all about your little girl!

Little Lara Kruse joined the clan on the 23rd of October. She is beautiful and I absolutely love being a father! Only thing is that sleep is now very much a thing of the past. Worth it though! 


How do you juggle your very busy lifestyle with some training, all the radio and TV shows and a growing family?

I love family time more than anything in the world. Spending time with family is what gets me through the day and what gets me out of bed (literally in the case of Lara!) in the morning - so I work around them. It's difficult some weeks especially when radio and TV schedules are particularly busy. Travelling for work or triathlon doesn’t always make it easy, but we are coping. 


Why are you a MiFitLife customer – what was attractive about the product for you personally?

MiFitLife provides what I need if I come off my bike, when I’m injured while training and so on. That makes it attractive for me, that I don't have to worry about accidents during training or a race. The fact that they've got such an incredible team driving the brand is just a bonus! I love being a part of the MiFitLife team.


What is next for you in Radio/TV as well as triathlon?

I will be racing most of the sprint distances in 2019 and possibly also another ultra distance. Maybe I'll even pick up a PB in Durban? Who knows! TV and Radio wise, we will keep rocking as much as possible, for as long as possible! 


What is your favourite song/band at the moment?

So hard to pick a favourite but if I have to...then my favourite song right now is LSD- Thunderclouds 


Give us a talent of yours that nobody knows about?

I can sleep with my eyes open! No, jokes...but I once watched Eat Pray Love and survived it. That's a pretty impressive talent if you ask me.


Any pets?

No pets right now, just our little team Kruse!


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