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How to Make Working Out Less Boring
How to Make Working Out Less Boring
07 Nov 2019

Exercising is a state of mind that takes a while to get into, sometimes even for a fitness fanatic. Seeing it as minutes of self-torture or a chore is one of the many things that make exercise hard to stick to.

Besides your gym crush and your music what else can keep you motivated to crush your sets and reach your body goals? Here is a list to help make working out less boring and something you look forward to.

Create a playlist that will motivate you

If you know the next song that is going to come one before the one you are listening to has ended, it is time to switch things up. Music is food to the soul and if your playlist already sounds repetitive your workout will be less fun to tackle. Find music that will get you pumped up. Try to throw in some genres you hardly listen to keep things interesting. Prefer podcasts instead? Keep a playlist of podcasts that can help you stay focused and before you know it you have finished your set.

Two is better than one

Exercising alone can make it easier for people to put it off. Next thing you know a month has gone by or you find yourself donating money to the gym you said you would go to. Having a gym buddy or finding a group that you can join will not only motivate you to give your workout sessions the best that you have, but it will also create a sense of accountability, especially on days where you don’t feel like it.

Take it one step at a time

Most people have a body goal that they would like to achieve. You may already be able to see what you will look like, but this will not happen overnight. Pacing yourself can help you set realistic ways to achieve results without giving up. One of the common myths when it comes to workouts is “no pain no gain”, which can cause you to miss out on an opportunity to listen to your body and knowing when to stop. This can strain your body, which can result in injuries. Always remember to have a backup plan in place such as our MiFitLife cover that protects you should you sustain an injury.

Change your routine

Switching things up is good, adding workouts that you enjoy is even better. Not only will this make each day interesting, but it will also motivate you to stick to it. There are plenty of apps that can be found online that make it easier for people to exercise at the gym or at home without their routines being mundane. Try to get a friend or your family involved to make it more fun.

Ditch spending hours at it

Unless you are a hardcore athlete, pushing 2 – 3 hours at the gym will not only leave you feeling exhausted, but it will also demotivate you to start on busy days. What you can do is break up your routine into short and intense workouts that are as equally effective when it comes to building endurance and strength. It is recommended that adults should exercise at least 30 minutes a day. You can break this up to 15 minutes in the morning and evening with short intensive workouts.

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