Whether you love it or not, winter is here. As much as some of us wish that we could be a human wrap, deliciously wrapped in layers of blankets, a movie, and a hot beverage all day every day we have to postpone such dreams because the show must go on.

Taking long showers, snuggling in electric blankets, and putting the heater on blast can see the electricity bill increase to amounts that can make you gulp hard. In South Africa, electricity prices have increased by over 350% since 2004. Between the months of June to August, the country reaches its coldest temperature, forcing thousands of citizens to extend their use of electric heat.

On average, South African families spend 14% of their total monthly income on energy needs. In fact, 2 out of 3 households use an energy source to heat up spaces and keep warm, while those remaining opt to wear warm clothing and use blankets instead.

While we cannot control the continuous increase in the cost of utilities, there are quick ways to save by making improvements around the house such as:

  • Tracking your daily usage
  • Turn off unoccupied lights out
  • Consider DIY solar heating
  • Switching to LED
  • Conversing when possible
  • Changing your power-usage behaviour

When these tips are combined, you can save a great deal of money on a monthly basis. Just be sure to check what home renovations are included by your home coverage before you begin.